Welcome to this blog about how to use Community: Connect! principles, tools, and ideas to create a healthy community in any environment.  Right now I am focusing on how to produce a great Community: Connect! Event. But there will be many resources that will support you in your efforts to create a community where everyone can thrive.

I hope you find it to be helpful in your community building journey. I aspire to create and then live in a healthy community, so this blog is in an effort to help myself and future community members–as well as you! We are in this together. I hope you will share your best practices and resources in the comments below, or anywhere in this blog.


We are in the process of adding an additional networking/learning event to Community: Connect! Introducing: Creation Care: Connect!

Creation Care: Connect! will be different in the following ways:

  1. We will always have a vegan potluck
  2. We will always have breakout groups that focus on Biblical arguments for animal rights and plant-based diet
  3. We will focus on reaching out to churches to inspire them to host these events as both outreach and to inspire their churches to fulfill our mission
  4. We will have a Christ-centered, (but not preachy! _approach including starting and ending with a prayer, having literature specifically addressing Christians, and videos that are faith based shown break out groups
  5. Facilitators and volunteers will be Christians

However, ALL will be welcomed. People who are not Christian will be happy, we think, to come to event where instead of hearing a sermon and singing hymns–they will find common ground with Christians.

We hope to be writing more about this, but in the mean time–check out our Jesus Vegans Ecovillage blog and like our Facebook page.